Lower Standards, Higher Prices

Sounds like the slogan for government bureaucracy, doesn't it? It isn't (at least not today), because today is a special day. A milestone. No, not a millstone. Goodness, don't get all Freudian on me.

The reason for celebration? Fifteen years of marriage. Fifteen. Wow. Most days I don't feel old enough to be a decade-and-a-half wed. Other days, however, especially if Rowdy has been up several times ...

Years and years ago Dr. D and I would plan a nice dinner out, a special day trip, something fun and memorable. This morning Dr. D and I celebrated by going out for breakfast. To McDonald's. With four kids, summer vacay winding down, school supplies lists longer than our arms, our expectations are, um, how to say it. Nonexistent.

And wouldn't you know, our un-special breakfast was lovely. Pseudo food and a long-ish conversation (we had Rowdy with us) about how much has changed in fifteen years. We realized we are both different people.

While many go a lifetime without any noticeable change, we've adopted new patterns in almost every area. Something about losses: of parents, sibling, pregnancies, and about gains: friendships, careers, all these nutty kids has made us retrospect. Nothing can be taken for granted. Every moment is a gift. Not that I always remember this (who does?), but I know it better than I did fifteen years ago.

St. Nick doesn't fit in the rocking chair quite like Rowdy does ...

The chaos and pain, and, yes, the joy has also cemented our commitment to one another. So, Dr. D, I look forward to another, even better fifteen years to come. And more after that.