Mini Juice Fast: Day 1

Quite a while ago, Dr. D and I watched the documentary, Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead. Not long after, we bought a juicer with the plan of making juicing a part of our daily routine. After a day or two of: WOW! This is AMAZING! I LOVE juice! Pineapple-Fennel-Beet is AWESOME! Little Miss Rowdy made her own announcement.

She did not like juice-milk. At all.

So the juicer collected dust. Just when I was thinking it might fetch some green on Craigslist, we decided to try again. Wouldn't you know, Rowdy-button doesn't mind juice-milk so much when she's chowing down on pork-and-veggie delight or pumpkin-oat bars. Yippee!

Mud Pie with a homemade juice-Popsicle

Mud Pie with a homemade juice-Popsicle

This morning we began with a delicious pineapple-orange-pomegranite, followed up with a carrot-apple-beet-ginger-lime for lunch. Now it's 4:12. I am so hungry. So. Very. Hungry. That itself isn't much of a surprise. I'm always SO HUNGRY at 4:12. What I didn't realize was how mindlessly I forage in the cupboards when I'm hungry. About ten times a minute I catch myself getting up and reaching for the cupboard door with visions of chocolate chips or dates or a handful of cereal dancing in my head.

Interesting how in our culture of excess we're so quick to feel deprived. I have a juicy pineapple dripping deliciousness on the counter, yet I'm whining about chocolate chips, or longing for one of the kids' gummy bears. Sorta makes me think of this: