Scattered in the Head

I'm having one of those days or weeks or lives where I feel like my head is spinning in a thousand different directions. Five emails a day from school, "Don't forget, we're missing, tomorrow is, your child needs!" Announcements at church, "For middle school, our Harvest Dinner, next Sunday, in nursery this week..." Not to mention my million-and-one writing, photographing, designing projects. Keeping the house together, kids fed and clothed, on and on and on has left me convinced of one thing.

I need to clone myself. Which reminds me that I started a story about cloning. That I wanted to finish. It's done in my head, just needs to be written up. Maybe while St. Nick is at swimming tomorrow.

Which in turn reminds me of a dear friend who told me that she gave up multitasking for Lent. I wonder if I'd have time to try it, or if I'd dare? If it would even be possible - isn't everything I do multitasking? Actually, I studied multitasking indirectly during the MFA program. While writing a paper on creativity I learned that we all engage in TUITs or something like that. Task Unrelated Somethingorother Thoughts. When we're completing a rote chore or automatic task (i.e., driving Mud Pie to gymnastics), our creative mind is humming happily in the background. It's working out problems, finding what rhymes with Sublime, and doing all the other stuff creative minds do. Our brain is, in essence, multitasking. So what is my brain doing when I'm whip-stitching the edge on my rug while watching Mud Pie practice gymnastics?

Which now reminds me of my rug. I finished it. So there's that. At least I finished my rug. Now to take pictures of it ...