Advent, Epiphany, the 12 Days of Christmas: My Gift to You!

Don't you just love eBooks? So portable, so always-available, so interactive! I do. Sure I adore the tactile everything of "real" books. They smell so good, and feel so good, and... But seriously, you can't put a video in a "real" book, or a link to a cool web page, or even a picture, not without upping the cost of production. And you can't distribute a "real" book paperless and for free.

Yes, free! As an Advent Gift to Everybody, this little book: Gloria! A Family Guide to Advent and Epiphany.

Not only does it take you through Advent with Jesse tree ornaments, readings, songs, links to totally amazing YouTube videos, recipes and more. But it continues through the 12 Days of Christmas, to Twelfth Night, the eve of Epiphany!

So please please please, if you like eBooks and like Christmas, click the image or link and give it a try. It is my gift to you. Because that's what this season is all about.

I plan to update this document from time to time (fix links, edit, etc.), so if you share, please link to this page, NOT the download link.