Forgive Me, My Beloved Scrivener, for you have no iOS

 Dearest Scrivener, after these several years of our shared bliss, I confess ...  I have been unfaithful. You did not provide the one thing I so sorely need. You promised, oh how you promised. Year after everlasting year you boasted, "It's nearly here! Be patient dears!" All for nothing. Empty words, disappointment after disappointment. I could wait no longer.

Since 2011 Literature & Latte has been proudly forecasting a "Coming Soon!" iOS version of Scrivener. Apparently the app is still in development, but a growing contingent fears the promises will end in vaporware. I wanted to remain one of the faithful, but with four-going-on-five children, most of my writing happens in parking lots, at swimming practice, McD's play place, the park, etc. etc. And with the gear Mommy-Pack-Mule must schlep to these places (jackets, hats, diapers, toys, snacks, sippy cups, "Mack" the Magical Blanket...) my trusty MacBook Pro simply will not fit in the old saddlebag. But my iPad Mini will.

So I cheated, Scrivener darling. I downloaded Storyist for iPad and the free trial for my Mac. I read reviews and comparisons, transferred over my WIP and discovered the delight of total writing freedom!

I will (possibly, I hope) write up my own detailed comparison. But thus far Storyist is more intuitive and easier to use than Scrivener, and for my current WIP it has every feature I could want. So you see, my dear Scrivener? We may adore you, your beloveds, but our patience will not last forever.