Internet Troll Strikes Again

Well, they did it again. That whoever-with-too-much-time-needs-a-day-job troll who swiped my original blogspot sub domain has added more content. And, as before, the content is mine, taken from the ever useful internet archive. Shown here:

screenshot of Of Making Many Books from the Wayback Machine

I love the Wayback Machine!

Look at that hair!

Seriously, that hair.

That's me, when I first started blogging all those eons ago. I had only three children then, and short hair! I remember designing the key graphic from photos I found on Flickr (Creative Commons, of course) and spending hours and hours and hours staring at lines of code, deciphering it like an archeologist studying a stone tablet. I was so proud of that little blog. And it served me well. I got my first editorial contact through it (hi Mick!) and developed a following - in a genre I no longer write in, but that's beside the point. It seems my old, defunct posts have been resurrected by this, this *spit* hacker.

One post stolen still lives on my current blog: this one. Who knows, maybe I'll bring back the others just for kicks.

The thing I don't understand is why? A few posts link to weird little websites, and the same weird websites (from the same IP address, interestingly) are linked in the sidebar. I'd assumed the thief was using my content to drive traffic to real businesses, that actually sell something, thus earning, like, you know, real money? Because hello, trolling the internet archive for posts from 2006 on some random mother-of-now-five's old blog and copy/pasting them to one's own hijacked site is really time consuming. And if you're not making money from it, then why do it? To troll me? Because s/he is bored? Incapable of writing his/her own posts? Mentally ill? All of the above?

Maybe I should be flattered. I mean I know I'm a Totally Awesome writer and everything, but maybe I'm awesomer than I thought. Maybe I'm so amazingly brilliant this Ukranian-Panamanian-MN-dweller just couldn't help himself from, uh, helping himself to my words. That must be it. Right? I mean, I'd steal this. Totally.

Click to enlarge and read the posts. Or, maybe not.

Because I know between nursing the baby and searching for another child's lost wallet, and responding to emails from my editors and driving my teenager to orientation and trying to get my toddler to please god just poop already, I really have time to be emailing my lawyer friend. So to this emorphous Whoever (Whomever?): take my intellectual property off your site. Please.

On the upside, the nostalgia of browsing the Wayback Machine is just. So. Amazing. Like this:

Why I love the Wayback Machine!

Why I love the Wayback Machine!

Did I mention I love the Wayback Machine?