I’ve been quiet here this month, but for good reason! We’ve had a busy and exhausting few weeks. Weeks of waiting, of worrying, of planning and preparing. Finally on Friday December 8th we welcomed our sixth child into the world. 

While the birth wasn't the homebirth I'd planned (anemia that wouldn't improve at 30 weeks caused me to change birth locations), the event exceeded expectations. No rushed delivery by whichever resident could be pulled in from the hall (that was Penny, 9 minutes after getting to the hospital). No weird-as-weird medical student asking during a massive contraction, "So, what brings you in today?" (I could not make this up! He then asked me to rate my pain on a scale of 1-10. "Um, right now it's at a zero, but give me about thirty seconds..." That was with Kilian's birth.).

Little Emeric clearly wanted to avoid induction as much as I did, since with the appointment looming the next morning, I did what was needed to kickstart labor and he gamely went right along. A long walk on the treadmill at the gym, an ounce of castor oil (which I'd never tried before, despite two babies almost reaching the 42 week mark!). By 11pm the Braxton's had a little "kick" to them. By midnight they were five to eight-ish minutes apart. By the time we got the hospital at 1am, more like two to five minutes. Emeric made his debut an hour and twenty-seven minutes later at 2:27am. Perfect health, and only a bit of a BP spike for me.

Birth announcement in gray

And since this amazing, joyous event we’ve balanced a teen with final exams, toddler and kindergartener drama, work meetings, endless hours trying to convince the healthcare marketplace that yes we really do need to add yet another person to our plan, and so so so much more. 

We're frazzled and dazzled and every moment more and more grateful for this little life, full of promise, full of mystery. To add to the excitement, today, a day after Emeric celebrates his one-week birthday, our oldest celebrates his 17th, and in another few days we'll have a newly turned six-year-old. And one more birthday to come on New Year's Eve. My only wish for this Christmas? That we can figure out how to slow time to truly experience every wonderful gift we've been given.