The Solution to My Home Page I Spy!

I don't know why it never occurred to me to share the solution to the little game of I Spy on my home page. I *think* I thought the answers were so obvious they didn't need explanation. But as I looked at it recently, I caught myself thinking, "Now what was Something severed again?"

So without further comment, find...

Solutions to I Spy!

A box for my fears, where I studied two years
Answers to the homepage game of I Spy at box and study

Of course above is my lanyard from Hamline University where I earned my MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults. Some of my grad school friends will recognize the little butterfly box on the desk. One of the venerable professors in the program, Jane Resh Thomas, gifted each student with such a box to hold our "fears" - whatever it was that held us back from writing. I think when I received it I said something like, "I don't think my fears will fit in here...".

Something severed, two heads?!
Two-headed girl antique photo: from's game of I Spy

Clearly in the first image is the severed thumb. Not really a severed thumb. It's actually a magician's fake thumb. But the photo hiding beneath the dice of the two-headed teen above? That's not fake.

Two poets, both dead
two poets, both dead: from game of I Spy

Two poets: William and Woolf. Are they alive somewhere? I doubt it. Those happen to be finger puppets.

A piece of the sky, what comes after "Why"
Solutions to's game of I Spy: meteorite chunk
Solutions to's game of I Spy: question mark

A tiny blue pouch is tucked away in my "treasure box" - a gift from a friend, it's a little piece of honest-to-goodness meteorite. Which is super cool! And what comes after Why? *Hint* It has to do with punctuation. Because I'm a grammar nerd like that.

A glimpse of tomorrow, two favorite books
Solutions to's game of I Spy: Fortune cookie fortunes
Solutions to's game of I Spy: Tess
Solutions to's game of I Spy: Sense and Sensibility

I have a special fondness for fortune cookies, and during my first residency at Hamline there was a bowl of them sitting out every night at dinner. So ... no writer I know will pass up a fortune cookie! And of course you'll have no trouble spotting the favorite books in these shots. My desk is covered with favorite books, but these are the two that made it into the final images.

Small pox, a small flock, a clock, and a foot
Solutions to's game of I Spy: smallpox clock foot
From Rebecca Grabill's game of I Spy: a small flock

Smallpox clearly seen in the top left (under "Coming"), and part of my set of Rory's Story Cubes. Also a chicken - one of the many glued to the ceiling of one bedroom in the house we moved into years ago. 

My daughter shown twice, and what's better than ice.
Answers from's I Spy game
Answers from's I Spy game
Answers from's I Spy game

I took ten zillion shots of one of my daughters playing with the story cubes, trying to get one that wasn't a total blu, and I have her depicted graphically on my desk by way of an icon of St. Penelope (also known as St. Irene). And what's better than ice - for a toothache? Old advertisements make me giggle.

So there it is! How many did you find?