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Mama Earth's New Year

Mama Earth's New Year is a poetic exploration of the seasons.

Mama Earth rustles her autumn wings
to cool her hot, tired face.
She sighs, and the first September frost
crackles over bowing stalks of corn.

Illustrator to be determined. Published by Eerdmans Books for Young Readers

Violet and the Woof

Violet and her little brother
set out on a long, long journey,
a journey fraught with danger
and peril.

Is Violet’s make-believe story just in her imagination?

With excitement and more than a few surprises, Violet and the Woof will have readers wide-eyed, smiling, and asking for the story again and again.

Halloween Good Night

Gliding through the moonlight
come the monsters big and small,
sliding up your stairway
and oozing down your hall.
They aren’t very scary,
in fact they’re rather sweet.
So snuggle into bed and let them whisper,
“Trick or treat!”