DIY Shampoo for Any Hair Type: Live Healthy, Live Clean

When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis last year I made some fairly drastic life changes. Eliminated gluten and dairy, cut back on caffeine (though that’s crept back up since I’m So D@mn Tired from thyroid meds being too low, lack of sleep, five kids), and I worked to eliminate as many entry points for toxins as possible. One I’d never considered: shampoo.

The Secret to Developing Literary Tension (The Grabill Scale)

I first started thinking about tension when I heard Donald Maass speak at a conference some years ago. He described how the simple scene of a man looking at his watch while waiting for a bus can go from bland to Bang in a matter of words. Since then I have often noticed the varying levels of tension, both in books I have enjoyed and in those I haven’t. Here I'll discuss the ten levels of tension, and what they mean to the writer.

The Friends (Not Just) in my Head

For years I've chuckled quietly at the computer screen or told my family over dinner, “You won't believe the hysterical thing someone said in that homeschool group.”

For years I've spent every November/December nearly paralyzed by the volume of FB notifications that would flood my in-box: Wake up to 35 unread messages, 80 by dinner time, 143 by bed. Why? Because of a Secret Sister ornament exchange and prayer partnering through a support group for homeschooling moms who use a certain curriculum. I'd done the exchange once back in 2007ish, then took a few years away from homeschooling, and was shocked and delighted...

The Awesomest Author Photos Evah!

I can't believe how long it's taken me to post these photos. Actually, yes I can. I'm horribly lazy when it comes to keeping up with my online presence. What's worse is I actually like to blog and Facebook and whatnot, but these children! The chickens! The garden! My editor and agent who actually - gasp - expect me to write now and then!

I know, excuses excuses.