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Halloween Good Night Crafts and Activities

What's better than a favorite picture book? Crafts and activities to go along with your favorite picture book! Below you'll find everything from sewing patterns to coloring pages and many, many free printables. Share, enjoy!

Children enjoying Halloween Goodnight Coloring pages.

Crafts, printables, activities, oh my!

You'll find many, many fun ideas on my blog to enhance your enjoyment of my books, all free to print and enjoy. I also have countless recipes, crafts, book reviews, and so much more.


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All About Picture Books

I've learned one vastly important lesson for writing picture books: I know absolutely nothing. Picture books, they're such a strange beast, so boundless, so beautiful. In some ways there are no rules, and yet there are, and... How does one know when a picture book is perfect? One just knows. But below find a few of my observations on the book I love most.

Book Reviews

I think every writer reads (I hope so!), and I don't know a one who doesn't have strong opinions on what they read. I read for pleasure, but more than that, I use books to learn and develop as an author. Many of my reviews highlight things I've learned (or learned to avoid) through my reading.

Writing Tips + Tricks

Below find tips, lessons, and other nonsense all related to the business of writing. Some essays may be about the writing life, some practical instruction, some plain silliness. I hope all will inspire other authors in one way or another.