It's Official!

The Publisher's Weekly announcement came out today for Halloween Goodnight (to be illustrated by amazing Norwegian artist, Ella Okstad). Now this is how I like to ring in a new year! It feels more real, less "oh-my-word-what-if-I-dreamed-it-all?" unbelievable. In fact, at first it felt so unbelievable, I didn't make any announcements until now. Despite receiving the offer on Halloween - of last year!

What a crazy day that was. Taking the call in the car in a parking lot while nursing six-week-old Kilian. Going back inside (a school event for the kids) feeling about to burst with emotions: joy, excitement, satisfaction, and wanting to yell the news to everyone I saw but being terrified I'd somehow jinx the deal if I uttered so much as a syllable. 

And now I get just a smidgen more of that feeling, with a smidgen less of the fear. Because now that it's out in the world, it's official.