Living Your Most Creative Life

Resources to help you create—in whatever way gives you joy!


I truly believe we are all creative. Yes, every single individual is creating every moment whether we’re making a grocery list or writing the next blockbuster screenplay. Why not do so with more intentionality? With a cheerleader and with resources to help along the way?


Writing Essentials

A growing collection of articles on tools and tricks for becoming a writer.


Do you love to write but wonder where to start? Have you been dabbling with writing but want to take the first steps to be a writer? Below find lessons covering some of the most important writing fundamentals. Looking for more? Contact me! I’m always happy to help.


All About Picture Books

A picture book is deceptively complex and stunningly beautiful. Sort of like Moby Dick—written in haiku.


I didn’t go into this business thinking, I want to be a picture book author! After a few rough starts, I actually discovered that picture books are excruciatingly hard to create. If something is hard, I become obsessed with mastering it. I’m nowhere near mastery, but below I’ll share a few things I’ve learned on my quest.

Violet and the Woof shows off with Sheepie

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Publication & Beyond

Get an inside glimpse into the publishing world and pro tips for book promotion.


You’ve written the book. You have a contract or have self published. What’s next? Here I’ll share my at-times-floundering experiences, advice, and lessons on publicizing and marketing your books.


Crafts & DIY

All the crafts, tutorials, inspiration and more!


Because I’m forever making, below you’ll find the many (did I say many?) tutorials I’ve created or curated for DIY projects. Home, health, food, crafts. I’ve done it all.