Violet and the Woof


Once Upon a Time . . .

a brave little girl and her brother go on a perilous journey



“Once upon a time,” Violet said, “a brave little girl and her brother set out on a long, long journey. A journey fraught with danger and peril.”

Violet and the Woof celebrates courage, kindness, and Little Red Riding Hood. If you love stories of imagination such as Where the Wild Things Are and Charlie and Lola—you’ll adore spending time with these two courageous siblings. #violetandthewoof

Violet and Peter are making their way to Papa Jean Louis’s to deliver soup, when . . .

they see a wolf in the elevator . . .
a shortcut leads them to a spooky cave . . .
then something growls in the shadows!

Is Violet’s make-believe story just in her imagination?

With excitement and more than a few surprises, Violet and the Woof will have readers wide-eyed, smiling, and asking for the story again and again.

Illustrated by Dasha Tolstikova.

VERDICT A fun, lighthearted addition to most picture book collections.
— Shana Shea, School Library Journal

Praise for Violet and the Woof

This book is great for one-on-one or small group sharing where kids can discuss what’s imaginary and real. VERDICT A fun, lighthearted addition to most picture book collections.

—Shana Shea, School Library Journal

Violet’s storytelling skills and overactive imagination are augmented by the colorful illustrations, done in a naïve style and combining the everyday environment and the fairy-tale world. It’s charming… .


[T]he playful expressions on the children’s faces make it clear that Violet is (mostly) in control of her story—and its happy ending.

Publishers Weekly


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