To the official website of author Rebecca Grabill, where it's not at all bizarre to write about oneself in the third person. As Rebecca writes this introduction, a rooster crows in her garage, a battle rages between forces of good and evil downstairs, two little people (hopefully) sleep upstairs, and a bumblebee knocks himself silly against the window glass behind her. Every moment is like a visceral, three-dimensional game of I Spy. Why not join in the game? Explore the images, and be sure to send Rebecca a message if you succeed in finding all the items:


A box for my fears, where I studied two years
Something severed, two heads?! Two poets, both dead
A piece of the sky, what comes after "Why"
A glimpse of tomorrow, two favorite books
Small pox, a small flock, a clock, and a foot
My daughter shown twice, and what's better than ice.


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