I'm available for speaking engagements, workshops for children and adults, and lectures on a variety of topics.

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Upcoming Events:



I frequently lecture for creative writing and children's literature courses. Topics might include: exorcising writing blocks and unleashing creativity, technology and writing tools such as Scrivener, various issues and topics related to picture books and children's literature, as well as discussions of graduate education in creative writing.


Small group workshops are my favorite way to engage young and adult authors. I've worked with all ages from elementary to adult and have led workshops on many topics, a few recent workshops being:

Writing from Randomness: The Poetry of the Unconscious Mind
Truth and Lies: Life Inspiring Story
Unlocking Your Voice: Writing as Healing
Early Lessons: Basic Story for Beginning Authors


School Visits

I welcome the opportunity to share my books with school groups. What might a visit include?

  • Brief introduction and details on the publishing process.

  • Dramatic reading of a recent release.

  • Optional time for Q&A.

  • Optional craft/activity (host provides supplies—many downloads are available on my website!).

  • Individualized book signings (books may be pre-ordered and signed at the event or sent to me with return postage).

I'm also available for Skype visits!

Rebecca Grabill about to read at the Grand Rapids Children's Museum

Why schedule a visiting author?

Workshops and author visits create powerful connections between students and the written word, boosting confidence and encouraging curiosity. Visit my events page to discover upcoming engagements or browse recent events.

A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it.
— Samuel Johnson


I offer a full line of editorial services from cohesion reads to in-depth story reviews.

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Full Manuscript Critique

Congratulations on a completed manuscript! Nothing can match the pleasure of typing The End after months or years of labor. I provide full manuscript reviews of completed novels in my areas of expertise (generally children's and young adult literature, as well as fantasy). Be aware that I do not do line or copy edits—spelling and punctuation errors might be noted if they are consistently problematic, but I will primarily look at story, characterization, structure, dialogue, logic, and any other element that needs attention.

Book Reviews

I publish hundreds of reviews on my blog and often share those reviews elsewhere. Feel free to send me ARCs, and as time allows I'll provide honest reviews.

Picture Book Critique

What is this beast, the picture book? They're short, they're sweet, they should be easy. Shouldn't they? I consider picture books to be one of the most challenging forms—more challenging even than a sestina! And after writing close to a hundred, reading thousands upon thousands, I now know . . . there's magic in revision. Let me evaluate your manuscript and you'll receive detailed notes on theme, gravitas, conflict, pacing and everything else I can provide.

Screenplay Story Evaluation

I worked as story editor on the screenplay for the 2017 release, Milada, and am familiar with structure and elements specific to screenwriting. I can provide detailed critique on all things screenplay.