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Teeny Tiny and Itty Bitty Nature Journal Printables for PreK and Toddlers!

Picture it: the big kids are on their nature hike, and the toddler is either whining to get out of the stroller or backpack, or crying to get back in it. What if your toddler could join in the fun? What if your preschooler had a resource that needed no (or very little) reading, with cheery drawings, and easy, fun activities?

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Free Printable Nature Journal Just In Time for September’s Back-to-School

Yes, to celebrate the release of my third picture book, A Year With Mama Earth, I’m creating a nature journal inspired by Rebecca Green’s illustrations and the book’s lyrical text. I’m aiming the printables at PreK-3rd graders, and plan to include an abundance of STEAM activities: loads of natural science, art, creative writing, and so much more.

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