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13 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Writers

13 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Writers. Writing has changed since the days of typewriter and correction fluid (remember the little bottle of white-out with the brush, remember how strong it smelled, how fast it dried, how fun it was?). Pen and paper have been replaced in many fields by smartphones, mobile devices and laptops. But until recently it never occurred to me that more than just writing could be aided by technology.

Coursera Sci-fi and Fantasy: Unit I The Brothers Grimm

And are they ever Grim! One of the very first stories in the Crane translation was, "Death of the Hen" in which everyone died in the end. As someone pointed out in the class forum, it's like Hamlet with fowl.

For some reason this story stuck in my craw (har har!). So I decided I'd look into it a bit more and write my first paper about it. Yup, this online class through...

Pepperplate Ziplist Allrecipies Online, Oh My!

Over the weekend I got in my head to transfer all my recipes to an online recipe box and meal planning account. Here's why: I've been wanting to change our eating habits, less "comfort food" (Taste of Home) and more whole foods, Mediterranean cuisine. So I ventured to Bargain Books to find a new cookbook (I love cookbooks). I found one, but most of the recipes were things I knew I'd never in a million years make. I mean, I have four kids. Let's be realistic.