Comparative Literature Study: Little Red Riding Hood

Nearly every elementary school teacher will need to prep a lesson on fairy tales, specifically comparing fairy tale versions. Many wonderful options exist, and many we’ve used ourselves: Cinderella (and the endless string of knock-offs from Halloween versions to blockbuster adaptations to international versions), Goldilocks, The Three Little Pigs. One of my favorites has always been Little Red Riding Hood.

Of course when it came time to write a fractured fairy tale of my own, I picked one of my favorite tales! And of course I had to create a printable pack so educators and parents can really dig into the value of my book.

Free fairy tale comparison printables little red riding hood

Little Red Riding Hood Comparative Literature Printable Pack

This printable pack contains everything you need to introduce the cutest new retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. It's called Violet and the Woof and is part tale of imagination, and part adventure!

Free printable pack for little red riding hood! Compare and contrast with venn diagram and other worksheets for classic fairy tale study.

The book begins with Violet narrating herself and her baby brother into a familiar story and ends with the story becoming far more REAL than she expected! A perfect introduction to comparative tales, and a classroom favorite for teaching kindness--and fairy tales--with a sensitive, inclusive picture book.

Included in the printable pack:

  • Venn Diagram comparing Violet and the Woof and Little Red Riding Hood (one simple/picture only for PreK/K, one text for older students)

  • Story Order Activity Sheet (one picture-based, one text and picture)

  • Printable Puppets & Puppet Theatre for retelling the story

You can download the whole Comparative Fairy-Tale Printable Pack for free at Teachers Pay Teachers!

Or if you have trouble downloading from TPT, you can find the full PDF here.

What’s your favorite fairy tale to use in the classroom?