The Many Questions of Fish: Take Two

"Mom, hey Mama? Is it possible to make a giant robotic stuffed animal to help old people but then the makers make it turn EVIL?"

"Hey Mom? Why does the government steal from people? Is it because they're butt faces?"

"Hey Mama, would this be a useful grenade: a tomato grenade?"

"Mom? Hey Mom? Why is the liberty bell in a huge glass dome? Isn't it easy to rob?"

"Hey Mama. How much do miners get paid? Is it like the highest paying - uh, duh! They mine for GOLD!"

"Hey Mom? How big is Brazil?"

"Mom, Mama? Who invented paper? Was it the Egyptians? Or the Romans or the Greeks, no not them, they invented wrestling."

"Hey Mama? If I had a cookie that had ghost peppers in it so spicy if a baby put his lips on it they'd turn black ... would that suck?"

"Mom, do you really sneak vegetables in our food?"

"Mom? Hey Mom? Why don't all the armies of all the countries in the world come together to kill the zombies?"

"Hey Mom? Do really rich people live in Mentions?"

"Mama, hey Mama, what's the lowest paying job? Is the owner the highest or the lowest? What about a pirate?"

"Mom, if you had a secret hideout that was underground and secret where would you put the trap door? And you can't say, In the bottom of the ocean."

"Hey Mama, did you know seven drops of superglue can hold up a car? A whole car!"

"Mom? Hey Mom? Are some costumes so scary that the people give them all the candy?"

"Mom! Hey Mom! What are you writing down? Are you gonna post this online?"