Three Days, Two Fabulous Events! Robinette's Apple Haus and Grand Rapids Children's Museum

Way back in July I was arranging events to welcome Halloween Good Night into the world, but it didn't occur to me then that all the great plans I made meant I'd actually have to do things and go places. At 32 weeks pregnant, as a homeschooling mama of five, this doing and going get complicated.

Robinette's Apple Haus

But Saturday morning I packed up my supplies and headed to one of the most popular autumn destinations in the area, Robinette's Apple Haus. With trepidation I set up my book and a bowl of Halloween treats, and a stack of postcards and hoped against hope that at least one person would show up and be interested in the book.

Rebecca Grabill signing Halloween Good Night at Robinette's Apple Haus.

I already knew at least one person was coming (Thanks Jen and Adam!), but what I couldn't expect was the incredible reunion - friends I haven't seen in almost thirty years, family, and more friends. I was busy catching up and chatting the whole two hours. I also loved the curious kids who tiptoed over to my table and snuck a candy. I'd always send them off with an extra treat like a postcard or coloring pages. And like the release party, the event sold out.

Grand Rapids Children's Museum

Rebecca Grabill reading Halloween Good Night at Grand Rapids Children's Museum.

The next event, as special guest at Grand Rapids Children's Museum would prove just as fun but in different ways! This one was far more structured. Every half hour I read Halloween Good Night to whatever crowd had gathered, then chatted with parents, handed out coloring pages and treats, and enjoyed watching my own little ghouls explore the museum.

Five readings later I felt like I'd run a marathon! And to think, I have three events yet to go. Will I make it? Let's hope! Next up is Schuler Books in Grand Rapids, then Books & Mortar, and a just-before-Halloween party at Hopscotch Children's Store. Though I'm tired (already!), I can't wait to share more Halloween fun!