The House Built on Good Intentions

This blog should be titled, "The Blog of Good Intentions." Because just the other day I was thinking, Wow I need to post about the chicken coop! But wait, I need to finish those posts about the bathroom first!

And before that I was thinking, Wow I could have one of those Home Improvement blogs! I could post tutorials on remodeling and stuff! That would be awesome!

I even took pictures of the bathroom-in-progress, and as I slapped thinset onto the concrete and smeared it around and cursed my bleeding knees and blistering hands, I imagined the great how-tos I was going to write. I DID write them. In my mind.

And that's as far as I got. Well, I did take pictures. And here they are! Next up, the chicken coop!

Choosing colors:

Measuring for tile:

The many uses of a chalkboard wall:


Let there be floor!

Let there be a toilet!

Shopping for a new vanity:

Rehabbing the old vanity:

Done at last:

And that's that.