Devil in the Details: Affiliate Linking and Stuff

Amazon has this requirement-thingy about using affiliate links. So I'm telling you now, if you click some/many/most? of the book links on this site, you will go straight to h@ll. Kidding. You will go to that book's page on Amazon with the added bonus of my affiliate tag. If you buy said book, I will get something like two molecules of a penny and some pocket lint.

So yeah, why do I bother? Because with Squarespace it's easier to link to a book using their handy-dandy-Amazon-built-in form than to link manually. I'm all for easy, so that's what I do. Plus, I just really love pocket lint. If you DO want to buy a book, but DON'T want me to get your pocket lint, just delete my "ref=" part from the url. I won't be offended. I won't even know! (Or will I, BWAHAHA!)

Rebecca GrabillComment