Ancient History Timeline Figures of the OCD Homeschool Mom Classical Style

free printable timeline figures

Last summer I went a little nutty. See, I was SO excited that our curriculum recommended a timeline. SO SO excited that timeline figures came with it. Until ... I opened the packaging. The timeline figures were ... ugly. No.

Fugly. Like a really bad coloring book, except messy and maybe drawn by, oh, someone wearing a blindfold.

So I asked myself the logical question: would I really want to laminate these and look at them on my family room wall FOREVER?!

Um. No.

I searched Google for ones I liked better. I found these, which are super cute and have almost all the ancients I could want, plus a few. But the ones missing, well, they were missing. Plus, plus I was getting an idea. A vision of The Ultimate Timeline Figures. I searched. They didn't exist. The only option as I saw it was to make my own. So I did.

I printed them on paper and laminated them (cardstock would work too, but I found it unnecessary). We've been using them all year. See?

ancient history timeline figures classic art

Ancient History Timeline Figures Using Classic Art

That's right, classic art. I lovingly created all the cards I'd need, doing my best to ensure all images were public domain. And since I'm super nice, I thought I'd share them with everyone. So here they are!

Each card has one key person and/or event with a classic image and details about both the event/person and the historical painting. Check it out!

jacob's dream timeline figure

These are compatible with My Father's World (what I use), Tapestry of Grace, Mystery of History, and more. As you can see below I also used the super cute ones linked above. Because, hey, they're adorable and why the heck not?

organize your timeline with washi tape

Another tip: Washi Tape! To organize our crazy timeline I put strips of colored Washi Tape and marked them off as "Europe" or "Cradle of Civilization/Middle East" or "Bible" or "Africa" or "Americas." A great way to see what's going on simultaneously in different parts of the world. With the ancients there's not a lot going on (well, ok, there WAS a lot, but not a lot we have records of/study in history), so the timeline figs are pretty thin.

Ancient History Timeline Figures Downloadable PDF

Download all of them below, and be sure to leave me a comment because I'd love to see how you put the cards to use. Really! (And thanks to those who have commented! You are awesome!) Plus, you can now follow my timeline board on Pinterest if you want the scoop on new figures the moment I find (or make) them!

creation timeline figs

Timeline Figures 1

Timeline Figures 2

World Timeline Figures (Work in Progress!)

Each of the first two files have 18 cards (a three-page PDF). The first starts with creation and runs through the 10 Commandments-ish, the second begins with the kings and ends with Aristotle and Alexander the Great and stuff. 1 and 2 use only images in the public domain (to the best of my knowledge). The "World" set is very much in-progress and very much an afterthought, so I put little (ok, no) effort into finding images in the public domain. I apologize. If that kind of thing bothers you, please don't use them. And if I borrowed one of your images, tell me and I'll change it! I didn't really plan to share the "World" set, but now I have, so that's that.

So all this is to say: download, print, share! Just pretty pretty please don't re-post the PDFs themselves. Link back to this page instead, ok? Because I worked really, really hard on these.

Update: I'm still not sure if I'll make the Rome-to-Reformation set. If I don't, we'll use the free timeline figs I printed and cutified