When the FedEx truck comes and goes and comes and goes

Yesterday afternoon the FedEx truck parked in my driveway. Pulled up the long, winding drive. Sat there, while the kids waited by the door, ready to pounce on whatever he brought. The FedEx guy climbed around in his truck for a while. And then he drove away.

Ten minutes later, he came back. "Fell down next to the door I guess," he said and handed me an envelope.

What do you think it was? My beautiful-wonderful-contract-and-first-half-advance for Violet and the Woof

I have to celebrate these small moments, because doctors call with test results, toddlers refuse to poo for five days, teens raid the refrigerator right before dinner, baby says his first word, "Da!" when Daddy walks in. Real life takes over. So for a moment, in the midst of life, I'll stop and savor.