My Book is on AMAZON!!! Yes, you can pre-order Halloween Good Night!

Halloween Good Night
By Rebecca Grabill

I am so full of exclamation points! See, just this morning I was showing Maggie the cover art pdf. She, always attentive, noticed the little square on the back cover where the bar code will go. "What's that?"

I tell her.

"What are all the numbers?"

"It's the ISBN number and..."

On a whim I typed the ISBN into Amazon's search bar not really expecting anything since just a few days ago I'd searched my own name (yes, authors do that) and only got my husband's book.

But this time... BOING!!! MY BOOK SHOWED UP!!!!

I have a release date (July 25, 2017)! I have an Amazon listing! Pow! Pow! I'm full of explosive exclamation points! Pow! So full I could explode! Pow!

But that would be messy so I won't. pow.