The UNofficial Cover (Draft) of My First Book!

I shared this in the News section of my website, but realized it could be fun to share here, too. Still working out what goes where, and whether I really need two separate "blog-like-things." Maybe I don't. Anyhow. I do for now. What I wrote over there:

I ambled over to my agent's website today (ok, hubby sent me a link) and discovered...

She'd shared the cover to Halloween Goodnight! It's a draft, I know, and the final cover may look nothing like this at all, but to see it so shiny and new, looking for all the world like a Real Book. Well, who wouldn't be just a wee little bit ELATED.

You'll have to go there to see the "real" image (because I'm mean like that), but here's a preview...

A screenshot from my agent's website!

A screenshot from my agent's website!

Update: so I did decide what to do with my two, oft-redundant blogs. I imported all the posts here to Works in Progress! I'll take care of duplicate posts asap. And the "P" part of that may never come. Till then, yay! Life just got simpler!