Best Monday Ever: SCBWI Scrivener Workshop

inside scrivener workshop

Guess who got to geek out on Scrivener? I don't know what it says about my week that leading a workshop in the basement of my local library was the highlight. But it so was. It helps that I love love love Scrivener. I know I left my beloved for a while, but ultimately I couldn't do without. So when the call went out on the SCBWI listserve for help with Scrivener, I was quick to say, "Me me me! I can help!" Very soon the regional organizer emailed me to see if I'd lead a workshop. Sure! A few weeks later I had my trusty MacBook Pro and a projector all hooked up in the basement of the KDL Plainfield Branch library.

I should say, I had it hooked up thanks to my new SCBWI bff, Dave Stricklen who was beyond amazing. He did all the organization, setting up, PR. Seriously, they should pay this guy.

Anyway, after a tense few moments fearing no one would show (or too many would), and some awkward jokes about mullets, I hit my groove. The cozy audience was engaging and engaged, had great questions, politely laughed at my lame jokes, and (I hope anyway) learned a little something about my perfect wonderful awesome writing love, Scrivener.

Which has kinda inspired me to write a series of Scrivener tutorials. I really hope I do. Though my kids have to quit vomiting first. Because after the release of Monday's event, we were greeted by puke and power outage on Tuesday, and yet more puke on Wednesday, and a great chunky pink puddle of puke today.

The writing life, the mama's life. It's awesome!

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