Strangely Delicious Strawberry-Coffee Breakfast Smoothie

strawberry coffee smoothie gluten dairy free

I totally created this smoothie by accident. As in: the stuff in my blender was not blending (it was too thick and I was too lazy to search for the tamper) so I grabbed the closest liquid—my morning coffee—to thin it up. And I fell in love. In all its weirdness, this smoothie is filling, invigorating (hello, it has coffee in it!), high in protein, low in carbs, and delicious. It's gluten free, Trim Healthy Mama compliant (or can be), Paleo, and so much more.

Strawberry-Coffee Breakfast Smoothie

1 Cup almond milk (unsweetened vanilla), or milk of choice
1 Cup frozen strawberries
2 dried dates (for sweetness)*
1 Tablespoon grass-fed gelatin
1/4 cup-ish of your morning coffee (with or without whatever cream is in it already!)
1 drop liquid vitamin D (optional, unless you live in Michigan…)

Add to your blender in the order listed above (not that it really matters). Blend until, well, blended. Or until well-blended, whichever you prefer. Drink straight from the blender jar, or transfer to a pretty glass to enjoy all its beautiful pinkness.

*You can use your sweetener of choice, including but not limited to: sugar, honey, or (for THM) your favorite frankensweetener. The dates, however, provide a bit of fiber, plus some iron and calcium.