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A Visual MFA - Hamline University, 2009-2011

I ran across all my Hamline pictures as I was organizing my photos ... why not share? A few are posted already (look under the MFA category over in the cloud for the rest of the Hamline University MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults posts), but these, for whatever reason, never made it up. Hmmm. Can't imagine why...

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Rebecca GrabillMFAComment
Reading Mishmash: A Poke in the I: a Collection of Concrete Poems and Oh, No! Where Are My Pants

My reading has had surprising continuity in recent months, though looking at the number of books actually checked off my TBR list you'd think I'd become an American Idol addict or something. No such luck. I've been rushing to fulfill the requirement of the MFA - 40 books of the 120 listed on their required bibliography - 40 read before my first residency, the rest...

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Bread and Jam, Peanut Butter and Pepperoni, Whatever

Engaging the child within everyday family life. The lyrical text is sweet and gentle, reminding me of Rosemary Wells, and with it, Russell uncovers everyday details to engage the world of a child. The sorts of details that may drive a parent batty, but get at how closely children observe aspects of the world that appeal to or interest them. There is a deep understanding of...

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