A Visual MFA - Hamline University, 2009-2011

I ran across all my Hamline pictures as I was organizing my photos ... why not share? A few are posted already (look under the MFA category over in the cloud for the rest of the Hamline University MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults posts), but these, for whatever reason, never made it up. Hmmm. Can't imagine why.

We partake in public transportation:

We have tornado drills!

We talk and stuff:

We maintain a standard of personal hygiene:

We sit around sometimes:

We listen to folktales:

We play "So Big!" with Marsha Qualey:

We play with chickens:

We play dress-up:

We plot our books:

Sometimes we yell:

We partake in musical entertainment:

We walk around a lot:

We go places:

When we come back, we relax:

We work hard! Really!

And we shake a little booty:

P.S. This is what writers do when we think no one is looking.

Rebecca GrabillMFAComment