One of THOSE People

I'm becoming one of them. Those mamas with the cell phone poised, snapping low quality digital images. My kids (to post in Facebook), the coffee pot I might buy, so I can compare prices, the kids again. What fun!

I snickered at people like me...

Baby in the City

My feet are blistered and raw. I can't leave the air conditioned indoors. I have an emotional hangover. I'm certain at least one passenger on the 370 from Chicago to GR is talking about the "horrible crying baby" that ruined her peaceful ride. But what a day!

The Seriousness of Poetry

Setting: A poetry workshop at Calvin College's Festival of Faith and Writing. Fourteen attendees and one facilitator sit in plastic chairs arranged into a lopsided circle.

Attendees have just finished their first writing exercise.

Facilitator: We've all had sixty seconds. Shall we read what we've created? Let's hear three or so, then pause to consider what stands out most ...

Ophelia Gets More Lines!

Ophelia Speaks: Adolescent Girls Write About Their Search for Self edited by Sara Shandler. 1999. Inspired by Reviving Ophelia (which I read a few years back), this book tackles issues in young girls’ lives in their own words. It’s strength is it’s main liability. The vignettes are moving and vivid. Real stories from real girls. But often the telling is...