A Sweet Slice of Thanksgiving: Some Resources to Enrich Celebration

As Thanksgiving approaches, I can't help but look for little things to do or add to make the holiday more meaningful and memorable. Especially since Thanksgiving is traditionally a day of gorging oneself before (finally!) turning on the Christmas music (actually, I start Christmas music in early November - can't help myself). Thanksgiving gets lost, slipped in between the ginormous fun of costumes and free candy and the magic of Santa and Christ's birth.

October's Color and Light Kiwi Crate in Review

Our second Kiwi Crate proved almost as much fun as the first. I say almost because the first crate had such "playtime" value, while the second was very much scientific exploration and experimentation. Great value, of course, but let's be realistic, nothing is quite as fun as making a real working stethoscope.