I Wanna Be a Rodeo Queen!

Kylie Jean: Rodeo Queen by Marci Peschke (illus. by Tuesday Mourning). Picture Window Books, 2011.

I'll admit I was a bit skeptical when Pie pulled this off the shelf. It's very pink. But Pie Had to Have it, so into the Library Bag it went.

Somehow it was tossed in with my books by mistake and ended up in my office, amidst books on palmistry and auras (research! for a MG I have going. Even I have my limits.).

The voice of Kylie Jean captured me immediately. A first person, sweet as can be that rings with Texas Twang.

"The sky is as baby blue as a robin's egg, and there is a cool breeze jiggling the new green leaves on the trees. Bright yellow flowers that look like tiny stars are popping up everywhere. Yup, it's springtime all right!"(11)

Who could resist that voice?

Plus, the plotting is tight. Kylie wants something, to become a beauty queen, but she'll settle for Rodeo Queen this time. She faces challenges, and with support from those around her, she succeeds. Three cheers for Kylie Jean!

This book is perfect for little girls; it reinforces a try and try again attitude, practice and persistence, positive everything. Plus the characters are all warm, safe - a reader would feel nurtured and loved in Kylie's community. Not to mention the to-die-for-cute illustrations.

Pie started reading it over breakfast. A few minutes into it she started laughing.

"You like it?" I asked.

"Mom! Ugly Brother is a DOG!" and she proceeded to read the next few pages aloud to me.

Now if that's not sign of a fabulous book, I don't know what is.