Nesting Instincts Gone Awry: or How to Make Your Own Fitted Cloth Diapers

Six years ago when I was expecting Mud Pie, I was all out of nesting opportunities. We had a nursery (from Fish and St. Nick), diapers, clothes (we didn't know Pie would be a girl), car seats, dishes, toys, everything. So what did I do?

I tie-dyed all my prefold diapers. And a heap of onsies. And some t-shirts for the boys.

This time around we had nothing for Baby, but instead of setting up a nursery or shopping baby clothes and accessories (we're trying to do it all with as little expense possible), I started sewing. I've mentioned my, ahem, love of sewing previously, yes?

Here are a couple of samples using all recycled material (except the velcro and elastic, and thread - duh):

Given how long each little diaper takes me to make, and how much profanity I mutter in the making, I wonder if I'm actually saving money and/or sanity. But they sure are cute!

One is made from a t-shirt from the Acton Institute where Dr. D works. 

Power corrupts! An Acton diaper?

Power corrupts! An Acton diaper?

The quote: "Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely." Indeed, power corrupts, even the youngest bottoms.

I'd give step-by-step instructions for making your own cloth diapers, but why reinvent the wheel? Here are some resources:

  • A how-to on making a cute fitted (especially useful for inserting the elastic!).

  • And in case prefolds are on the menu, a how-to I've yet to use.

Mine have fold-back tabs for the velcro and I searched online for common measurements - rise, length, waist, etc. - for various sizes. I cut a pattern out of ugly wrapping paper, and I've made a dozen or so out of various materials: old flannel pajamas, t-shirts, cotton towels. The nice thing with terry, I don't need velcro, just a Snappi. Oh-so frugal!