Shingles and Corners and Chimneys, oh my!

On to the next step in building the Victoria's Farmhouse: pre-assembly. Like staining shingles and finally, finally getting out the bottle of glue.

First: I bought shingle dye from Hobby Lobby (they always have a 40% off coupon, fyi). And the instruction booklet had some involved shingle-dying trick involving a milk carton cut in half. It looked truly absurdly over-complicated and messy. The sort of technique a male would use because it involves tools and funnels and, well, over complicating something that should be simple. So I ignored the instructions. I did, however, use the rubber glove that came with the dye. Very glad for that glove.

Primary step involved mixing up the dye with two cups water. I used an old litter pan that I also use for lanolizing wool, soaking stained clothes, etc. 

Then Pie and I sprinkled the shingles in one handful at a time. After a good layer was in the dye, I shook them around then moved them off to the side. For the final few handfuls I had to hold the pan at an angle. The shingles soak up a lot of dye. 

Finally, I swished them around quite a lot. 

Then I spread handful after handful on a sheet of plastic. I didn't worry about separating clumps. 

By morning they were mostly dry. I shuffled them around a bit and by evening they seemed dry. I let them sit another night just to be sure. Then into a gallon Ziplock they went. All done, no mess, no weird milk jug contraptions, easy peasy. 

Shingles, check! But a certain Rowdy toddler is driving me to distraction so sharing progress on stairs and such will have to wait. 

Speaking of Rowdy... Here she is.