Why I'm Not going to Write Dollhouse Tutorials (and Links to all the Best on the Web)

For the past year and a bit Mud Pie and I have been working on the Epic Victoria's Farmhouse dollhouse. At the outset I thought, "Oooh, fun I can write up tutorials! Like how to run electricity, how to ..." I don't know, build a dollhouse.

And I could write those tutorials. Because we're building the dollhouse inch by inch and learning a heap. But I'm not going to write tutorials. Why? Well, take a look and see.

The already written tutorials (on this very blog!) on staining shingles and making faux wood floors.

Yes, that's egg carton!

Bricking the chimney: A tutorial on how to make the dollhouse chimney look like REAL BRICK with an old egg carton. Seriously, it's genius, simple and waaaaay easier than the floors. And clearly worked amazingly well. Find the tutorial here.

Electrical: The ins and outs of running tapewire (which autocorrect keeps changing to tapeworm. Um, not quite the same) in this tutorial here , which helped me see why my connections weren't working, and how to fix them!

General everythinging: The well-buried and hard-to-find "official" Victoria's Dollhouse assembly tips page! There are hundreds upon hundreds of photo-tutorials and tips for all the Real Good Toys dollhouses (tips transferrable to any dollhouse project). I mean, this page and the pages linked within are a treasure.

And when we finish the roof and glue on the porch, we'll stone up the foundation. Wouldn't you love to know how? Lookie here, someone has already written up a fabulous tutorial!

Plus my Pinterest where I will be pinning all the new, fabulous tutorials as I need them.

As of today, this is what our house looks like: