October's Wonderful Natural World - Free Journal Printable

A Year with Mama Earth
By Rebecca Grabill

As I mentioned last month, to celebrate the release of my third picture book, A Year With Mama Earth, I’m creating a nature journal inspired by Rebecca Green’s illustrations and the book’s lyrical text.

Find October’s printable nature journal pages below!

Free Printable nature journal for the book A Year With Mama Earth by Rebecca Grabill Rebecca Green

October Nature Journal

October in many areas is all about leaves and colors! And it’s the perfect month to really explore nature. Temperatures are still pleasant, and wildlife abounds! Where I live, animals are busy preparing for winter or soaking up a shorter day’s sun. 

This month bring gallon-sized bags, three-hole punched along the long edge (leaving the opening at the top) so it can be clipped into a binder.

If you haven’t yet started My Year Nature Journal, I strongly recommend card stock for the cover and something heavier than standard copy paper for the internal pages (28lb minimum). Either three-hole-punch and place in a binder or hole punch and hold together with rings. You’ll be adding more pages each month, so be sure your binder has plenty of room! 2” should suffice.

A Walk Through October’s Lessons:

Be sure to add your Month Sticker! Download the printable file at the end of this post. I’ve included a place on every month’s first page for students to draw a self-portrait. This month you’ll focus on clothing—how do you dress for October’s weather? Or students can draw themselves in a favorite costume!

Join Chris Ignoto in this fall nature video

For Toddlers: Pumpkins from Super Simple Songs!

All About Leaves:

Along with your Nature Journal pages, you might enjoy these activities and printables.

Enjoy the videos on leaves below. I learned a few things, maybe you will too!

Why do leaves change color?

A simple look at identifying leaves even toddlers will enjoy

Nature Color Wheel:

Last month we started learning about senses, and one sense we use a lot in October is sight. Sight is especially useful for seeing color. Let’s learn more about color below!

For more learning about color, check out the videos below.

Finding colors in nature

Learn about color mixing!


EEEK! I’m not a big spider fan, but I love the intricate beauty of spider webs. Why not try this spider web spinning craft and see how you do, or make this cute climbing spider? Plus, find out why you shouldn’t be afraid of spiders in the video below.


Have fun studying spiders with these items below (always release insects where you found them!) (affiliate links).

Writer’s Corner:

Watch this video on Personification

So that’s it! Sit back, download, print. Then *get outside* to enjoy October while you can! On those rainy days, check out the videos above. And be sure to subscribe so you’ll be first to know when next month’s pages are available.


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Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 2.42.38 PM.pngFree Printable nature journal for the book A Year With Mama Earth by Rebecca Grabill Rebecca Green


Nature Journal pages

Free printable stickers for A Year With Mama Earth My Year Nature Journal


Formatted for round Avery labels

Do you plan to get outside this fall? I’d love to see some of your finished journal pages! Please send pics to rebeccawritesbooks@gmail.com. I may even share on IG!