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Comparative Literature Study: Little Red Riding Hood

Nearly every elementary school teacher will need to prep a lesson on fairy tales, specifically comparing fairy tale versions. Many wonderful options exist, and many we’ve used ourselves. One of my favorites has always been Little Red Riding Hood. Of course when it came time to write a fractured fairy tale of my own, I picked one of my favorite tales! Find a FREE comparative literature printable unit study based on Violet and the Woof and Little Red Riding Hood.

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Our First Kiwi Crate in September: Did We Love It?

This is our first year working with a partner public school for a few fun educational extras. My favorite addition? The subscription boxes! Sure, foreign language is fun, and art (things the older kiddos are doing through the school), but what's better than your own personal activity kit, new every month? I have a thing for subscription boxes, I'll admit.

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Ancient History Timeline Figures of the OCD Homeschool Mom Classical Style

Last summer I went a little nutty. See, I was SO excited that our curriculum recommended a timeline. SO SO excited that timeline figures came with it. Until ... I opened the packaging. The timeline figures were ... ugly. So I made ancient history timeline figures using classic art! And now I'm sharing them with you, free!

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