How We Made Our Free Timeline Figures Adorable

Creating the cutest timeline figures ever - this is how!

While I made a heap of timeline figures using classic art, I didn’t realize I’d want us to add a heap more people and events to our timeline as time went on (haha — timeline, time going on? Ahem.). Rather than make a heap more timeline figures, I downloaded these because they are SUPER CUTE and every figure we could possibly want is included.

And while these didn’t share the problem that our curriculum’s figures had (read: they were drawn by someone who really shouldn’t be allowed to wield a sharpie), they were still sorta boring. Black and white, and flimsy paper (because that’s what I printed them on).


Then only, and I mean ONLY solution was to make the already-cute timeline figures EVEN CUTER, and to make them durable via my handy-dandy laminator.

So we colored and colored…

Coloring our super cute timeline figures

And colored some more.

And then I laminated and laminated and…

Our nicely laminated timeline figures nicely arranged on the wall

Ha, not gonna say it.

One could use clear contact paper, if one did not have a laminator. Or one could just buy a laminator. $20 for all the slick-smooth-keep-it-forever crafty love. I’m sorta head-over-heels for my laminator (sorry honey — don’t be jelly, K?).

How do you make your homeschool/life more beautiful? And follow my timeline board on Pinterest if you want the scoop on new figures the moment I find (or make) them!