Adorable Halloween Good Night Wallpapers

I have this odd habit of changing out the wallpapers on all my devices for each season. For example, I just swapped out my mid-summer sunshine and blue water backgrounds for images that say “late-summer” and “back to school. In a few weeks I’ll be changing them out again, this time for Halloween in all its ghoulish ghastliness. What better to delight me every time I wake my iphone or lift the lid on my laptop than favorite images from my very own Halloween Good Night? 

If you haven’t heard of it, see for yourself. Cuteness ghoulore. The talented Ella Okstad did the illustrations, and I did the text. Which, if I say so myself, has made many kids laugh out-loud. I mean, there’s dumpster diving goblins, what’s not to love?

Free Halloween Wallpapers to go with the book Halloween Good Night, a picture book by Rebecca Grabill and illustrated by Ella Okstad.

Whether for cuteness or story, enjoy the free wallpapers I’ve created featuring some of Ella’s images. And while you’re at it, why not read the book!

Six Witches Halloween Wallpapers

Desktop or Laptop wallpaper (designed for the MacBook Pro, but fairly universal) Right click to download.

Ipad (full or mini), long-tap to download!

And for your iPhone!


Halloween Good Night Wallpapers Feature GLOBSTERS!

A Globster wallpaper for your laptop/desktop.

IPad-sized Globster wallpaper.

iPhone Halloween Good Night Wallpaper

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy these wallpapers as much as I will.