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10 Best Halloween Crafts to use with the book Halloween Good Night

What's more fun than dressing up on October 31st and filling a bag with treats? Slime! Piñatas! Crafts! Fun! From all around the web, I've curated my favorite Halloween crafts for preschoolers to early elementary, each to go along with the picture book, Halloween Good Night. Without further introduction, let's get some BOO! on!

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Halloween Good Night Activity Pages

I've shared a handful of coloring pages, so now for even more fun! Below find a Vampire Dot-to-Dot and a Draw Your Own Ghoul page! I would LOVE to see your finished Ghouls. Feel free to share them on Instagram with the hashtag #halloweengoodnight or on my Facebook page. A few may show up as featured images on my website! (With your permission, of course.)

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Halloween DIY: Globster Plush Stuffed Toy!

What, you may ask, is a Globster? Well, one might say it's a mythical sea monster, a relative of the classic horror beast, The Blob. Or, if you're familiar with the amazing picture book Halloween Good Night, you'll learn that a Globster is: epically cute, squishably cuddly, not the slightest big frightening, and every preschooler's new must-have bedtime friend! 

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Ancient History Timeline Figures of the OCD Homeschool Mom Classical Style

Last summer I went a little nutty. See, I was SO excited that our curriculum recommended a timeline. SO SO excited that timeline figures came with it. Until ... I opened the packaging. The timeline figures were ... ugly. So I made ancient history timeline figures using classic art! And now I'm sharing them with you, free!

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Theft and Motivation

So, we watched the second Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie over the weekend and found it even better than the first one. Side-splittingly funny, especially given the plot of brothers - Doug and Rodrick's constant fighting - and Fish/St. Nick's similar inability to get along. The movie got to the part where Mom starts bribing the boys with fake money to spend time together, and Fish/St. Nick got excited. 

"Mom Bucks! Can we do Mom Bucks?"

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