Halloween Good Night Coloring Pages!

Printable halloween coloring pages based on the picture book Halloween Good Night by Rebecca Grabill, Ella Okstad illus

Coloring pages in time for Halloween reading, crafts, and fun! I hope you'll enjoy these illustrations, and that you'll bop over to Ella Okstad's website to thank her for the fabulous artwork she created for Halloween Good Night!

First a picture (portrait orientation) of our main character kissing her little imps good night.

Halloween Good Night Coloring Page - free printable preschool craft!

Download the Coloring page PDF!

Or enjoy these adorable wee vampires. Vampires on their own, or count 1-10.

Coloring page: cute little Halloween vampires

Download the Vampires PDF.

Count to 10 halloween coloring page

Download the Counting Vampires PDF.

For more counting practice, 1-5 using scenes from the book!

Counting 1-5 Halloween Good Night Coloring Page

Download the 1-5 Halloween Coloring Page PDF.

Finally, an adorable scene from the book...

Halloween Good Night Coloring Page Printable Free

Enjoy the PDF of this Coloring Page!

Feel free to print and share these to infinity and beyond. If your child or students would like to share their work, I would LOVE to see it! Feel free to send me a message - with permission, I may just publish some of their creations on my blog!