Grumpy Pregnant Lady Gripes about Doctors

Picture it. Almost eight years ago I'm much like I am now. Huge, pregnant, gearing up for a hospital delivery. Oh, and add in a nasty head cold that just won't go away. Three weeks before baby I go in for an office visit hacking and sniffing. "I think my cold has morphed into something wretched," I say. "Uh huh," says the doctor. "We'll want to keep an eye on that."

Two weeks before baby I go in for an office visit hacking so hard my...

Portrait of a Grumpy Pregnant Lady

I'm deep in the third trimester, I can tell. I spend much of my day feeling annoyed for no particular reason. Oh, I find reasons - the mail being late, clothes left on the floor, no healthy snacks in the house (because I ate them already), rain on the carpet of leaves outside, the dog breathing too loudly. Truth is, I'd be annoyed even if

Long Lost Rug

When was the last time I took a photo of my rug-in-progress? Before the finger break, I think. Anyhow, here it is. I'm probably about one third of the way through. Far enough to realize I'll need a two-inch border to tie it all together.

Something on which to FEED (by MT Anderson)

In this futuristic novel by acclaimed M.T. Anderson, a stream of information virtually identical to the Internet (including banner ads) is accessed through a direct implant in the brain. This feed is integrated with the limbic system; it can read an individual’s desires, tastes and pleasures so suggested products will be sure to satisfy. Of course, nothing ever fully satisfies, since...

Saturday Morning Surprise!

No, I don't mean the baby. I found an email in my in-box, a reply to a submission from a few months ago. My brain being what it is these days (made of marshmallows), I had no idea what I'd sent where - a reason to keep good submission records - so I braced myself for a "Thanks but No Thanks."

What did I find but...

A New Game For Pregnancy: Name That Bump!

Thirty weeks puts me in the final countdown, and tosses me into the number one recreational activity of expectant mommies, Name That Bump! Toward the end of every pregnancy I've tried (and failed) to figure out exactly which way little peanut was sitting in the womb. With Fish the doctor told me around 28 weeks that he was transverse, which explained the odd recurring dream...