Devil in the Details: Sewing the Cutest Little Girl Dress

What is up with me? I hate sewing - loathe it - despise it. But here I am, sewing like I'm, uh, I don't even know. Martha Stewart (does she sew? Did they allow sewing machines in prison?).

Here's dress for Pie #2:

The top skirt matches the sleeve and bottom ruffle, the bottom skirt matches the bodice, etc. Not as complicated as it looks. But what really makes it are the little trimmings Pie picked out. A bit more sparkly than my choices, but they're 100% sweet, so 100% Mud Pie.

Dragonflies on the bodice:

Crystal button to set off the rushing on the bottom skirt:

And to think, I only pricked my finger hard enough to bleed once!