Dorky Postpartum Obsessiveness (I Made Wool Diaper Covers!)

How's that for a groovy title? Let's see how many Google search hits I get - thinking zero. Anyhow, there's something about maternal hormones, and being on maternity leave from writing, and being a wee little bit cheap, or um, frugal ... and maybe a bit touched in the head.

But I got in my craw that Sweet Little Penny needed another wool diaper cover. Ok, she did need another (one Aristocrat doesn't cut it), but did I really need to make it myself? Did I?

Of course I did! Don't be silly!

I looked at some instructions online, trolled GoodWill for 100% wool sweaters, and set to work. The outcome:

Three super cute wool soakers. Surprisingly, two are too big (the blue ones), which leaves us with my all-time favorite cover ever ever ever:

Perhaps I went a bit overboard with the custom-dyed wool moon and star appliqued on the bum. But doesn't this sweetie deserve the best?

Of course she does!

Websites with good instructions: The Sewing Dork on making Longies  - I made some important alterations to the pattern - to be detailed in a later post. If I get around to it.

Upcycling Wool Sweaters into Soakers

(P.S. What is a "craw" anyway?)